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Q. Why Cash Money Canine?


A. The company was formerly known as Rock Solid K9 Obedience. Thankfully around here, things are a bit more fun, fresh, and exciting than your typical K9 training company, so I rebranded to be more authentic to myself and my training style. And bonus, when you're finished with training, it's way more hip to describe your training experience as "cash money".

Q. How do I start training?


A. Easy. Schedule your free dog training consultation. Then, we'll recommend a program that's right for you and your dog. If you're still not sure about training, we can schedule a free, in-person evaluation.

Q. What makes your training different?


A. Cash Money Canine is a one woman show, so training is and always will be personal to you, your dog, and your life. I pride myself in training happy dogs, and that's why my training style relies on rewards and relationship. I prefer to motivate a dog to work with you instead of forcing them to work for you. When training tools are appropriate for your goals, they are discussed in depth before use.

Q. What experience do you have?


A. I began taking fosters from the Humane Society for Greater Savannah in 2018. After taking a few behavior fosters, I decided I wanted to know more about dog training. I first learned under a positive reinforcement based trainer to rehabilitate my own dog, and then completed an 8 month long, hands-on apprenticeship for a balanced training company that I later trained for. I broke off to train under my own LLC in February of 2023. From June to September of 2023 I had the opportunity to live in an in-home training, daycare, and boarding facility that specialized in caring for behavior dogs in Northern New Jersey. Here, I was able to continue my education on the safe and humane handling of severely aggressive dogs. I moved back to Savannah, GA in October of 2023 to continue my training journey.

Q. What type of training methods do you use?


A. While we are technically a balanced training company, all dogs are taught desired behaviors with reward based training. Training tools such as slip leads, prong collars, and remote collars are used on a case-by-case basis and discussed in depth before use.


Q. How much does training cost?


A. Professional dog training is an investment, so you will be spending more than your typical pet store training class. Ultimately, the price is dependent on you, your dog, and your goals. We are happy to determine what program is best for you and your dog over the phone, and then discuss pricing from there.

Q. How do I pay and do you do payment plans?

A. We take payments through Stripe. Payment plans are accepted.

Q. What discounts do you offer?

A. I offer 15% off to families who adopted their dogs from the Humane Society for Greater Savannah.


Q. What does training include?


A. Prices include travel to and from your residence and most recommended equipment. All training packages include 24/7 support as well as lifetime support after training.

Q. What equipment do I need for training?


A. The only equipment I require my clients to have prior to beginning their training are a 6’ leash and a dog bed. For aggressive dogs, a basket muzzle and martingale collar will be discussed.


Q. Is my dog too old to train?


A. Never!


Q. Do you work with small dogs?


A. Of course! The smallest Cash Money Canine is 4 lbs. (shoutout, Lucy!).


Q. Do you work with aggressive dogs?


A. We do work with both human and dog aggressive dogs. For everyone's safety, I do require human aggressive dogs or dogs with a bite history to begin training on a basket muzzle and martingale collar.


Q. Do you work with dogs with separation anxiety?


A. Please reach out to discuss your dog’s symptoms when it comes to separation anxiety.


Q. I have more questions!


A. Book a free dog training consultation with us.

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