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 Both of my dogs Rock and Brenna were adopted from HSGS. I am proud to offer a 15%  discount to any dogs adopted from HSGS. I also offer free 1:1 sessions to any fosters from HSGS. I consider the work they do to be highly ethical, transparent, and appreciate their commitment to the community and not only finding dogs homes, but keeping dogs in homes.



Rock was adopted from HSGS in early 2020 after bouncing around the shelter system for a year. He was once a completely feral dog who now enjoys countless off-leash adventures followed by a long snooze on the sofa. He pays rent by being a 5 star demo dog -- so he often assists me in training and testing.



Brenda was originally with me as a foster during the summer of 2020 and adopted to a loving home. About 9 months later, her parents made the difficult decision to surrender her back to HSGS due to behavior concerns. I took her back immediately and gave her the training necessary to live life to the fullest.

Foster & Train

A program for behavior dogs in shelters.

When I have the capacity, I will take in a foster with behavior concerns for the Humane Society for Greater Savannah at no charge. This program focuses on fearful, anxious, and under socialized dogs to manage, help, or prevent fear based aggression. All dogs will receive board & train style training, and go home with 1 year of free 1:1 sessions.

Pictured: Current Foster & Train "Ne-Yo"

Updated 04/08/2024

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