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Can't board your dog due to breed or behavior?

We have extensive experience in caring for and handling dogs with reactivity, aggression, and other serious behavior issues. We offer a unique in-home boarding experience for dogs that may not be able to board elsewhere.


We do NOT offer any kind of playgroup. Our limited boarding space is reserved for dogs that cannot be boarded elsewhere or for current clients that would like their dogs to receive extra training while they are away. Dogs will be rotated throughout the day individually or with dogs that reside within the same household.


Unfortunately, we are not a good fit for dogs with severe separation anxiety at this time. Due to the behaviors that we see, unsupervised dogs must be crated for the safety of myself, my spouse, my personal dogs, and other dogs that may be in the home. For these reasons, we can only provide this service to dogs that are crate trained. We book no more than 2 behavior dogs at a single time.

While we do have a 6' privacy fence, dogs are never left unattended outside. We utilize Savannah Poop Patrol so our yard is always clean. Our residence is equipped with central heat and air, so you can rest assured your dog is in a climate controlled environment. We also provide fans to heavier coated dogs in the summertime. Dogs are provided access to fresh water 24/7.

Some dogs will be required to arrive and begin boarding in a martingale collar and/or basket muzzle.


Transportation to and from boarding in crash-tested kennels can be arranged for an extra fee.


Already a client? Boarding rates are $75 per night. All client dogs will receive the same daily training and enrichment they would in our board & train program.

Not a client? Boarding rates are $100 per night. Please contact us.

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